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Real Media generates real estate leads - lots of them!

Sellers looking for Buyers & Landlords looking for Tenants...

These leads are genuine - and generated daily, from all across South Africa.

Data includes: Type of Property (House, Apartment etc), Size, Address (Street, Suburb, City/Town, Province), No of Bedrooms, No of Bathrooms, No of garages, Owner's Name, Cell Number & Email Address.

Real Estate Sales & Letting Agents may subscribe to receive these daily leads - for a nominal monthly fee of only R200 per Suburb. 

Only 1 Sales & 1 Letting Agent per Suburb is accepted - leads are therefore Exclusive! 

Secure your suburb(s) today - complete & submit the form below...

Send no money now - we will invoice you later.

What's more, Real Media's exclusive WhatsApp Messaging Tool is included with every Realdata subscription - absolutely Free-of-Charge!

Agents may then WhatsApp any prospective Seller or Landlord, Buyer or Tenant - even if the client is not saved in their contacts / address book.

Click Here for details on the WhatsApp Messenger.

Realty Data Subscription

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