Interactive Calling Cards

Mobicards are fully-interactive Mobile Calling Cards, or Virtual Business Cards, allowing users to engage with clients or colleagues in real time - across multiple communications & social media channels. 

Essentially, Mobicards provide a single platform from where to exchange contact details, product information, online links - from the one’s mobile device. Think of it like having your business card on your cellphone, all contact details are clickable - and it links to any information or images you wish to share. 

Each Mobicard is customised for each individual user - with their own photograph, company logo and corporate colours, address and even Google Maps location, if required. The owner of a personalised Mobicard, can share it at the push of a button - by SMS, WhatsApp, Email or QR Code. Alternatively, a contact can save their detail to their phone book or add it to their home screen. 

In addition, the telephone & cellphone numbers are Click-to-Call (SMS, WhatsApp or even Skype) - while emails are received via on online form, directly to the user’s email address. What’s more, all social media channels are incorporated via icons on the Mobicard - linking to all the user’s relevant profiles or pages, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. There’s also a link to professional qualifications (PrivySeal), their Blog and their What3Words. 

Form options include Rate my Service, Refer-a-Friend and Schedule an Appointment - while provision is also made for custom fields and contend, such as link to website or Internet pages for additional information, marketing material, Q & A’s, stock lists, downloads etc. Links or icons without associated content simply do not display on the Mobicard. 

The easiest way to explain what it is and how it works, is to access a Mobicard and check out the features. 

A working example of a branded Mobicard may be viewed at 

Alternatively, check out or simply just (custom URL) 

Custom URLs may also have sub-domains - Eg: or (with any suffix - .com,, .mobi, . me etc).

Mobicards sell for R600 per annum, per user - with a once-off set-up fee of R250 - with discounted rates for multiple users using the same layout (colours, logos etc). However, for registered Real Estate Agents, we have waived the set-up fee completely and charge only R360 per year.

That equates to less than R1 per day!

What's more, Real Media's exclusive WhatsApp Messaging Tool is included with every Mobicard - absolutely Free-of-Charge!

Click Here for details on the WhatsApp Messenger.

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